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Fresh Green Dip

Nutrition for Beginners



6-Week Nutrition Challenge

Before you commit to a long-term nutrition plan, you can start by joining my nutrition challenges on Instagram. These challenges include a daily at-home workout that will be posted every morning (Monday-Friday) and a weekly menu to complement your exercise. All registered participants will have access to a Private Instagram account that will end when the challenge is over.



The Weekly Meal Planner

Download the app 'zMealPlanner' to your smartphone. 

zMealPlanner will assign your suggested food servings for weight loss based on the information entered when creating an account. 

The weekly menu includes 3 main meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and 2 snacks (morning snack, afternoon snack) per day.

The weekly menu will be updated every Saturday morning in order to give you enough time to prepare for the upcoming week.


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