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Elite Nutrition

These nutrition plans are oriented to advanced users that are willing to put some extra effort into their days. 
A stricter program is designed based on the results of your initial assessment. All Elite services are provided though my 'Elite' platform. 
Follow these steps to sign up:
▪️Download the app 'Spaces by Wix' to your smartphone.
▪️Enter the invitation code" FNQUTJ'
▪️Select the Personalized Nutrition Plan of your choice 
▪️Direct communication will take place through the 'chat' button on the Elite app.

*NOTE: This is a separate platform from the app zMealPlanner for beginners*



Personalized Weight Loss Plan

▪️You will have to complete a questionnaire to get started. 

▪️I will send you a menu every 2 weeks based on your progress. 

▪️A Weekly Report will be sent to me every Saturday through the app. Pictures and fasted weight should be reported on a weekly basis.

▪️Minimum commitment to the program: 3 months

▪️Program can be extended in increments of 3 months.



Bikini Competition Plan

▪️This nutrition program is for advanced users.

▪️User needs to be familiar with macro nutrients and weight training. (In other words, you need to know what 'C 200g/F 50g/P 150g' means)

▪️You will report on a weekly basis through the app. I will send your nutrition protocols and training plan as needed.

▪️Preparation time depends on the results of your initial evaluation. (it can take from 6 months to 18 months)

▪️Plan valid until canceled




Strongman Nutrition Plan

▪️Ideal for strength and muscle gain

▪️User must be familiar with macro nutrients and weight training (in other words you should know what 'C 300g/F 80g/P 210g' means)

▪️You must be currently following a strength program  

This is a nutrition plan only. No training program is included.

▪️Plan valid until canceled.


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